Enrique Iglesias Injury Quite Severe

Famous singer Enrique Iglesias unfortunately suffered an injury to his hand while being on stage. The star’s hand was sliced by a drone when he tried to grab it. Well, initially it has been claimed that the injury suffered by the star was not that severe, but now rumors indicate that the injury actually was a bit worse than initially imagined. 

Enrique underwent surgery to his hand following the accident and now his team offered an update to the star’s condition, for fans from all over the world. According to Enrique’s team, the musician will actually be recovering after the medical intervention in the next few weeks, although initially it has been claimed that the singer will be on stage in just a few days. 

“We wanted to give you a personal update about his condition,” the statement said. “His recent surgery lasted longer than expected since the damage ended up being a bit worse than initially assessed.” Well, it seems that the main issue that specialists encountered was the fact that Enrique did not only need a hand reconstructive surgery, but also a medical intervention to correct a fracture. 

“He suffered a fracture that needed to be corrected in addition to the reconstructive surgery. He will be recovering during the next few weeks, but a full recovery is anticipated,” the statement concluded. 

Well, Enrique definitely has the support of all his fans, as the star received a series of messages from people from all around the world. The singer has also shown his dedication to his music and his love to his fans while performing during his concert on Saturday. Even though Enrique was badly injured to his hand, which was bleeding, he continued the show. 

The star performed with his bleeding hand bandaged for 30 more minutes, until the handles of the show advised the star to stop the concert and get immediate medical care. Well, the star is said to make a full recovery, although it will take a few weeks. So, hopefully Enrique will soon be back on stage to perform for his beloved fans. 

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