Endeavour Reaches The California Science Center

The Associated Press reports that NASA’s space shuttle, Endeavour reached the California Science Center on Sunday after a long parade through Los Angeles’ narrow city streets. The spacecraft was accompanied by thousands of onlookers during its 12-mile trip towards the Los Angeles Museum.

Endeavour has caused many controversies in the past months as Los Angeles was getting ready for the giant spacecraft’s visit. Hundreds of trees were cut off and traffic lights have been removed in order for the retiring NASA shuttle to fit the narrow city streets on its way through the California Science Center. The mission was finally completed on Sunday when the spaceship entered one of the hangars in the Los Angeles Museum.

The parade was supposed to end earlier, but the various difficulties that organizers came across during the transportation of the space shuttle prevented them from staying on schedule. As a result, Endeavour arrived at the museum 17 hours later. The delay didn’t seem to bother local residents who spent great part of the weekend taking pictures and filming the spacecraft.

Kenneth Philips, curator of aerospace science at the museum, was probably the most relieved to see that that the parade was over. He told the press that their initiative was “crazy”, but they managed to pull it off, in the end. Organizers initially estimated that Endeavour will move at 2 mph during its trip through Inglewood and southern Los Angeles. They later on, realized that the parade will last even longer than they expected because the spaceship was too big to fit the streets.

Although the area was carefully prepared for the arrival of the shuttle, Endeavour barely crept along the sides of the buildings. Movers had to stop on repeated occasions to make sure that the spacecraft won’t hit any branches or light posts. The cheering crowd was very understanding, so the firefighters didn’t have to respond to any acts of violence. 

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