Employees Not Happy Black Friday Starts Earlier This Year

Whereas some of you (most of you) have been waiting for Black Friday anxiously for almost a year, employees kind of dread it. And since Black Friday starts earlier this year and store employees are not that happy.

Since data said this year’s Black Friday wasn’t going to be as profitable as that of 2011, retailers found a way to increase their odds for better revenue. Starting the holiday season with a good push does wonders for executives’ well-being. In the meanwhile, starting Black Friday on 8 or 9 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day has employees complaining this is taking too far.

You know when a company is in trouble the minute employees start complaining about it. This time it’s not just Walmart or Target, it’s this whole Black Friday thing that has become the highlight of the Thanksgiving Day. It was once all about having time with family and eating turkey but now it’s about catching the best Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals and the best place in line waiting for the Walmart grand opening.

A Target employee says opening earlier for Black Friday is pushing it too far, even for her and the other staff that love working for the company. CNN writes about Casey St. Clair, a Target employee, who has started a petition on to cancel the plan to open the store on Thanksgiving Day.

“It shouldn’t have to be a rushed affair, slipping in to eat some turkey and taking a piece of pie for the road” the Target employee says. “It’s one of few days retail employees get to spend with their families, but at this point there’s no time to see family” she told CNN in a phone interview.

St. Clair explains her anger with Black Friday starting early isn’t directed at people who are waiting for the discounts, but with retailers that keep pushing the opening time earlier and earlier each year. “My issue is that Target and other retailers have done something they have never done before in opening on Thanksgiving” she adds. “My anger is aimed at the loss of a day that, up until now, was considered important enough for only the most essential services to open”.

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