Emma Watson is Jealous of other Actresses

Emma Watson claims that she is jealous on other actresses because they didn’t grow up in front of the camera. 

The beautiful and talented actress talked to Elle magazine in her latest interview. Emma said that other actresses have a definite sense of self before becoming famous, but this is not the case for her.

Emma claimed that her career in this business started as a child and all the changes she had been through happened in the public’s eye. 

Emma Watson has enjoyed having a successful acting career in the past 15 years. Most of her success came thanks to the role that the actress played in the Harry Potter franchise. 

“There are all these actresses who have emerged in the last year or two, and they get to emerge as this complete human being,” Emma said according to Elle. Emma went on to add: “I’m so jealous!” She also talked about the career of Elizabeth Taylor and her achievements. 

She said that in Elizabeth’s life and career she actually found inspiration on how to separate her life from her career. “She had her first kiss in character,” the star said referring to Elizabeth Taylor. “On a movie set. It really struck me. I don’t know how or why, but I had this sense that if I wasn’t really careful, that could be me … that my first kiss could be in somebody else’s clothes. And my experiences could all belong to someone else,” Emma went on to explain. 

Emma Watson has had quite an interesting evolution when it comes to her career. The star had chosen to take some time off from her acting, to be able to attend college and get an education. However, she decided that acting was what she wanted to do after all. 

Emma’s latest movie will be out on March 28, the already famous Noah. The actress also starred in The Perks of Being A Wallflower and The Bling Ring. Naturally, she remains most famous for her appearance in the Harry Potter franchise, the movie with which Emma Watson grew to become an adult, but also grew in her acting career. 

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