Emma Stone’s Long Battle With Panic Attacks

During a recent interview with Vogue magazine, Emma Stone revealed that she has been battling panic attacks ever since she was a child. Doctors recommended her to find new ways to distract her attention from the panic attacks and this is how “The Help” star became an actress.

Despite the heroic roles she has played in her recent movies, Emma Stone revealed she was never a courageous person. “The Help” star started having panic attacks when she was 8 and that prevented her from making any friends during childhood. As the seizures became more powerful, doctors recommended her to follow a special therapy, but it did not work. “I was just kind of immobilized by it, Stone told reporters at Vogue.

Her illness prevented Emma from making friends, so she directed her attention towards extracurricular activities including acting. At the age of 11, the actress understood that her purpose in life was to make people laugh. That is when she first started to do improv because it enabled her to make the best of a bad job.

Many years have gone by since then and yet, Stone never managed to make her panic attacks disappear completely. She suffers from unexpected seizures when she least expects it, even during the filming of her recent movies. The actress revealed reporters that she was actually having a panic attack when Ryan Gosling lifted her up in the famous scene from “Crazy, Stupid, Love”. Luckily, she managed to hide her anxiety from the camera and in the end, viewers could only witness the passionate dancing scene of the two.

“Crazy, Stupid, Love” was not the only movie that brings back disturbing memories to the actress’ mind; she also made great efforts to avoid attacks during “Spider-Man”. It seems that the only activity that calmed her back then was baking, so Emma spent most of her time in the kitchen. She resorted to her activity because it gave her the feeling that she was in control of her surroundings.

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  1. More power to her! Panic attacks are often misunderstood. My wife suffers from them occasionally–and they are terrible. I can’t imagine anything like what she describes. It’s really an illlness–and not something that you can do much to control. That being said, great people often have the greatest challenges, so more power to women (and men) who deal with these seizures.

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