Emma Bunton Gives Birth to Baby Boy

On May 6th 2011Emma Bunton announces she has given birth to her second child, a beautiful baby boy named Tate.

The boy was very healthy and it weighed 7 pounds at birth. Bunton, 35, and her partner Jade Jones, 32, have yet another son named Beau. The former Spice Girl tweeted this morning that she and her fiancée welcomed have just welcomed Tate and are very happy, sending their love to everyone and thanking them for the support.

Emma announced that she was pregnant in November last year. Since then she has continued with her work – judge at Dancing on Ice and radio host at Heart radio – until the last weeks on the pregnancy. Around that time, se said she had problems with sleeping. She was not able to close her eyes for hours at night because the baby seemed to be in a very active state.

When the due time arrived, everything went well and, as she said “our beautiful son Tate has arrived safe and sound”.

After her announcement on Twitter, she received uncountable contratulations from family, fans and friends including singer Danii Minogue and ex Spice Girl colleague Mel B. Melanie Brown is pregnant with her second child as well and is due to give birth in July. And only that, but another Spice Girl is expecting, too: Posh Spice Victoria Beckham is pregnant with her fourth child and due to give birth in July as well (funny thing for Victoria, whi has only had boys, to be expecting a girl).

Before having the boys, Beau and Tate, Emma was really concerned about her ability to conceive. Unfortunately, at age 25, she was diagnosed with endometriosis, a condition in which the cells that line the uterus grow in non specific areas, causing a series of unpleasant symptoms – pain, bleeding – and possible leading to infertility.

The news that her chances to be a mom droped at 50% frightened her. But she took the chance. Twice. And she is now the proud mom of two beautiful and heathy sons. She and her long time partner Jade Jones have been dating for 11 years and announced their engagement live on Dancing On Ice.

It looks like it’s going to be a full year for Baby Spice.

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