Eminem Teases New Album With a Cap

We love smart marketing stunts and Eminem has one that went viral. Eminem is teasing his 2013 album with a baseball cap.

Some six years ago or even more Eminem was one of the most popular names in rap, worldwide. But lately, Marshall Mathers kept away from the public eye. His last album, Recovery, was launched two years ago and managed to sell 10 million copies. The cap is a confirmation that Eminem’s new album is set to hit the stores in 2013.

Although it looks like a commemorative baseball cap, as the “E” logo is very similar to the Tigers’ “D”, both in design and in color, it’s the side of the Eminem cap that reveals the intrigue. On the side of the cap launched in Eminem’s web store over the weekend there is a list headlined “World Champion”.

Since it resembles the Tigers’ “D” logo you could easily mistaken the “E” cap as one honoring the team. But under the “World Champion” there’s a list of years that coincide the years the rapper has released a solo album.

Eminem’s website reads that the “Side panel [on the cap] is dedicated to the landmark Eminem solo albums”. The 2013 Eminem album would the rapper’s eighth one. From 1996’s debut album “Infinite”, to 2010’s “Recovery” the cap goes back in history.

1999 was the year Eminem released the insanely popular LP “The Slim Shady”. One year later, Eminem released “The Marshall Mathers” album and continued in 2002 with “The Eminem Show” and two years later “Encore”. “Relapse” was released in 2009.

Earlier this year, Eminem told DJ Whoo Kid he is working on a new album that should be released soon. “I’m not that far along in the process as far as like figuring out” he told the radio host. The next step was to take the new album to Dr. Dre “and see what he thinks I’m missing”.

Last month, No ID said he and Eminem discussed a contribution to the new LP. “We agreed to get in the studio and see what we could do”. Even 50 Cent revealed he’s going to be featured on Eminem’s new album “first or second single”.

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