Emily Maynard and Tyler Johnson Secretly Wedded

Emily Maynard and Tyler Johnson decided to wed, but the two chose to keep this happy news a private event. So, reports reveal that the two stars have secretly wedded. 

Apparently, after a long attempt to find the love of her life, Emily Maynard was finally able to find love and happiness. Emily became well known for participating at the popular shows the Bachelor and the Bachelorette. After both of these reality shows, Emily got engaged, but none of the relationships lasted. Of course, it has been claimed that the engagements were just made for the public’s eye. 

Well, now People reports that Emily got married. The star and Tyler Johnson wedded on Saturday night, reports indicate. Apparently, the two chose to organize a surprise ceremony, which was kept a secret until the last moment. However, the event was not that big surprise. It seems that Tyler Johnson has been a presence in Emily’s life for quite some time now. 

Emily and Tyler have dated before the Bachelorette show. Apparently, after the popular show, the two rekindled their relationship and then Tyler decided that it was the right time to ask the big question and take this relationship to the next level. Consequently, Tyler popped the question and now the two are a happily married couple. 

Reports reveal that the wedding ceremony was attended by 200 guests. The party was held at Johnson’s farm. The event was planned by the two for about three months and everything was absolutely perfect. None of the guests knew that they were actually going to attend a wedding. People were invited over, as everyone told them that they are going to take part at Emily and Tyler’s engagement party. 

The event was beautiful, as eye witnesses claimed. Ricki, Emily’s eight year old daughter served as her bridesmaid. Apparently, Ricki and Tyler are very close, as Emily claimed that Tyler is like a father to her young daughter. They are a beautiful family and they seem to be really happy. As the happy event has taken place and Emily Maynard and Tyler Johnson are now married, congrats are in order for this lovely couple. 

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