Elton John Plans To Adopt Baby Number 2

Elton John and his longtime husband, David Furnish plan to adopt baby number two because they are afraid their son, Zachary, will be as lonely as they used to be during childhood. The two partners haven’t decided anything yet, but they will most likely have a second child soon, says People magazine.

Elton John and David Furnish have always wanted to be parents. At first, it was difficult for them because the laws did not allow them to adopt children given their homosexual orientation. Nevertheless, they managed to hire a surrogate mother and now they have a 17-month baby boy called Zachary.

Both Elton and David plan to adopt or give birth to another child via surrogate mother in the future. They told reporters that they have taken this decision a long time ago, before Zachary came into their lives. The talented singer confessed that he used to feel very lonely during childhood and he would spend most of his time in his room listening to music while his parents were arguing. Zachary won’t have to feel the same because he will soon have a sibling.

There is another reason why the two partners want another baby. They are afraid that people might judge Zachary for having two dads instead of a normal pair of parents and they think that having someone to talk to could lift the weight off his shoulders. In addition, being the child of two famous parents is most of the times stressing.

Speaking about his child, Elton confessed that the boy is “so straight”. He has already kissed the housekeeper’s daughter and is interested in playing football. However, the attention that Zachary gets from fans could be destructive so the parents do whatever they can to keep his life as simple as possible.

Elton and David bought their son a swing for the garden and a little slide for Christmas, but the boy received numerous presents from fans all over the world. Among the gifts were nine baby strollers and the parents decided to donate them for charity because they didn’t want Zachary to live high, whereas other children are incredibly poor.

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