Elton John Hospitalized In Los Angeles With Serious Respiratory Infection

Although the U.S. music industry is now under the lead of “American Idol” and “X Factor” stars, Elton John remains a name that draws in crowds at concerts. The man is, or better said, was on tour in the United States. But with an Elton John hospitalized in Los Angeles with serious respiratory infection, the show can’t go on.

The 65-year-old star scored a gig with the Caesars Palace for 14 concerts this summer. Unfortunately for everybody, including those of you drooling over a weekend in Las Vegas with some Elton John’s Million Dollar Piano on the side, everything was postponed for October.

“It feels strange not to be able to perform these Million Dollar Piano concerts at The Colosseum. I love performing the show and I will be thrilled when we return to the Colosseum in October to complete the 11 concerts” said Elton John in a statement. “All I can say to the fans is sorry I can’t be with you. I hope to see you soon at this wonderful theatre at Caesars Palace” concluded Elton John.

Earlier this week, the singer was hospitalized in Los Angeles’ Cedars-Sinai Medical Centre for a day of antibiotics. He was hospitalized with serious respiratory infection he developed “last weekend, while performing at the Colosseum on Sunday, May 20” said his publicist, Fran Curtis.

Apparently, Sir Elton John’s health condition deteriorated despite medication and rest, so hospitalization was the best solution. According to Fran Curtis’s statement, during his hospitalization with the Cedars-Sinai Medical Centre Elton John was subjected to “extensive tests”.

His doctors’ recommendation was for a week of “complete rest”. “Approximately seven days…to cure his respiratory and prevent any damage” reads the statement. Elton John has another concert coming June 4th, when he expected to perform at The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee at the Buckingham Palace.

The rest of June and all through July, Elton John is on tour in Europe, but he will return to the United States in September. He also has planned a few performances around that time for Canada.

If you’ve already purchased your ticket for Elton John’s Million Dollar Piano at the Colosseum, Caesars Palace said you can exchange it or have the money refunded.

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