Elon Musk Talks about Amber Heard Split

Elon Musk and Amber Heard are no longer a couple. The separation was revealed a couple of days ago and it seems that Elon also decided to post on this subject. The famous founder of Tesla confirmed the separation from Amber. However, Elon did more than that. He also revealed the reason why he and Amber decided to end things.

So, Elon confirmed that the relationship ended, but he claimed that the breakup was amicable and there were no major issues between him and Amber. He also said that he and the famous actress remained friends following the separation. The star made these claims in a post on Instagram.

“Btw, just to clear up some of the press storm this weekend, although Amber and I did break up, we are still friends, remain close and love one another. Long distance relationship when both partners have intense work obligations are always difficult, but who knows what the future holds,” Elon said in his post. The Tesla founder made this statement in the comment section of Amber’s Instagram, after saying that a photo shared by the actress was cute.

Elon and Amber were a couple for about one year before they announced their separation. The two stars actually started dating soon after Amber divorced her famous husband, Johnny Depp. The divorce of Amber and Johnny was a huge scandal with a lot of accusations from both sides. Initially when they started dating, Amber and Elon seemed willing to keep their relationship a secret. The dating claims were confirmed only later when Amber shared some photos on social media with her boyfriend.

The separation news was reported by People, which claimed that Elon was the one who ended the relationship. “They had fun for a few months, but are both very busy with work now. It was getting hard to find time to see each other,” a source said according to the celebrity site. “Elon’s is working day and night. This is his life and he loves it. He is in no position to be in a relationship right now and ended it,” the same insider added.

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