Ellen DeGeneres Says She Broke her Finger after Drinking Two Glasses of Wine

Ellen DeGeneres decided to talk during her latest show about a finger injury she recently suffered. The star explained that she broke her finger after falling into the door. She said that it all happened after having two glasses of wine and joked about how she will be able to host her show with such an injury, but explained that she would not let it “beat” her.

Then, Ellen went to say how everything happened. “Portia (de Rossi) and I were coming home from a dinner party,” the star explained. “(We) drive home, almost at the front door, literally like at the door. The dogs were so excited to see us, and I just caught the lip of the top step. I was like a foot away from the door and I fell into the door…” she said.

Of course, the star needed medical assistance, as her finger was broken. “My first thought was no big deal Obamacare will cover this,” she said, joking. “So, Portia drove me to the hospital — to the emergency room, and when I got there of course the receptionist had so many things for me to sign — a picture for her nephew, a t-shirt for her…” Ellen went on to explain.

Of course, she joked and then thanked everyone at the hospital for their care. Ellen also said that her finger was not actually broken, but dislocated. As imagined, Ellen was in much pain, but she said that when she was asked about receiving a shot, she said she was unable because she had two glasses of wine.

However, she received a shot to numb her finger and Ellen had something to say about it. “The stuff — whatever numbs you — they should make that different because, oh my God,” she said. “Burning followed by cursing is what happened. Think of any curse word. Just think of any curse word, and I said that. I invented three new ones actually,” she added. Before the show, Ellen shared a picture on Twitter revealing the injury. Ellen also said that she finally made it through the weekend.

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