Ellen DeGeneres Might Get Divorced

Another celebrity couple might be close to a divorce. This time, the rumors are indicating that famous television show host Ellen DeGeneres and her wife, actress Portia De Rossi, could get divorced. And if the rumors are true, the two stars might have to divide an impressive fortune of no less than $345 million. 

The news was reported by an In Touch story, which indicated that Ellen and Portia could have one of the “most expensive, ugliest and dirtiest divorces ever.” The report indicated that the Hollywood couple has been “arguing more than ever” and because the marriage is not working any longer, they could make their separation official. 

A curious fact about this report is that it emerged only a few weeks after Ellen and Portia celebrated their eight anniversary. And without a doubt, the two stars have always seemed to have a very happy marriage. 

When it comes to the reason why they are fighting, the report claimed that the two stars have been fighting over the fact that Ellen has a drinking problem and Portia is having troubles with her career. Ellen allegedly also has some anger issues. “They’ve had heated debates about Ellen’s controlling behavior and her anger issues,” the source claimed.

“They fight over Ellen’s drinking, her lavish spending – mostly on real estate – plus her busy work schedule and how she doesn’t want Portia to work,” the same insider went on to add. The source explained that the main reason why a divorce would be so terrible is actually linked to the impressive fortune that Ellen has and which would surely have to be divided. How this will happen is yet to be found out, of course, if the rumors turn out being true. 

“[DeGeneres and de Rossi] always seem to be on the verge of a breakup over one crisis or another, but now a divorce is imminent. A good chunk of Ellen’s fortune is at stake,” the same source explained. “This could be one of Hollywood’s most expensive, ugliest and dirtiest divorces ever,” it concluded. The pair has not commented on these latest claims. 

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