Ellen DeGeneres Makes Hilarious “Titanic” Cameo

There I was getting ready to receive gifts and wishes for my birthday on April 15 when this Titanic guy shows up saying “I’m having my 100th anniversary on Sunday”. And everyone all over the world gets impressed by it. After the release of the 3D version of “Titanic” and the launching of the second Titanic memorial ship, it was time for Ellen DeGeneres to make a hilarious “Titanic” cameo during her show.

Comedienne Ellen DeGeneres often uses her time on the show to present skits in relation to some of the most important events of the week. Since Titanic’s 100th anniversary seems to be the hottest thing right now (attention seeker), the TV show host prepared a funny cameo about James Cameron’s movie.

DeGeneres began her presentation by telling viewers that she wanted to be on the 1997 “Titanic”, but she was rejected. Luckily, she managed to get a small part in the 2012 3D film. The cameo features one of the most important sequences of the movie when Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) sketches a picture of Rose (Kate Winslet).

Ellen plays the part of an additional painter who tries to draw Rose. The original scene hasn’t been modified in any way except for the fact that the comedienne makes several supplementary remarks to Winslet and DiCaprio’s replies. The host is wearing a French beret and is carrying her easel and her brushes.

When Rose takes off her robe, DeGeneres drops her tools, but she, nevertheless, manages to rearrange them and start the painting. Unlike Jack who is very concentrated to draw a perfect illustration of Kate Winslet and her ostentatious necklace, DeGeneres is using every opportunity to trigger the public’s humor. Instead of using traditional painting tools, the comedienne resorts to spray paint, but she didn’t seem very pleased with the smell. In the end, Ellen DeGeneres reveals her masterpiece: a childlike drawing of a big breasted woman.


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