Elizabeth Smart is engaged

According to a recent report published in People magazine Elizabeth Smart is engaged to be married this year. Smart who was kidnapped when she was 14 years old managed to get over that sad incident and now she is ready to start her own family. Her father, Ed told reporters that Elizabeth wants to keep the wedding a secret, so the exact wedding date remains unknown.

Elizabeth Smart didn’t even want to communicate the name of her fiancé. Apparently, the 24-year-old celebrity is willing to keep her personal life private. Consequently, the press will not be able to find out anything else besides her child advocacy work.

Her father declared on Friday that the entire family was expecting Elizabeth to tie the knot with her current boyfriend because the two seem to get along very well. The entire family is thrilled about the beautiful changes that are about to take place in Elizabeth’s life.

Although Elizabeth and her family try to keep it mum about wedding details and names, the Salt Lake Tribune has managed to find out the possible date of the wedding and the name of the fiancé. Reporters have checked the online wedding registries provided by Williams-Sonoma and Pottery Barn where they have found that a certain Elizabeth Smart is programmed to get married with a guy named Matthew Gilmour on the 1st of July . The wedding will also take place in Utah. However, nobody can confirm whether these pieces of information are valid or not.

Elizabeth’s representative, Chris Thomas, was contacted to comment the news, but he did not say anything besides the fact that the two lovers want to get married during the summer. Although this comment might confirm the Salt Lake Tribune news, Thomas told the media that there are many aspects which Elizabeth and her fiancé need to take care of until the wedding. Thomas concluded the interview by asking reporters to respect Smart’s wish for privacy.

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