Electric Daisy Carnival Took Over New York This Weekend

Music took over New York City this weekend. Thousands of people came to the music event wearing neon color outfits, masks and funky sunglasses. It’s safe to say that this weekend the Electric Daisy Carnival took over New York.

When a dance and music festival is named the Electric Daisy Carnival, you can easily picture a sea of bright colored outfits, all sort of funny costumes and good vibes. Over the weekend, New York City was taken by surprise by thousands of people. The bash took place at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford.

All Friday through Sunday, some 45,000 people enjoyed 31 sets. New York Times refers to the music as a “computerized bliss” and adds that the sets were broadcasted “on satellite radio and Webcast worldwide”.

For your average Joe, this weekend’s crowd for quite a colorful spot. Tutus and neon clothes, fur leggings and bright hair dues were something of the ordinary during the past days. The Toxic Bunnies appearance was a performance act in itself.

Festivals such as the Electric Daisy Carnival are quite a breath of fresh air in a summer when rock music seems to hold the crown. It’s likely that electronic music festivals are going to bring in more and more people. And why wouldn’t they? You’ve got a world of fantasy where you get to dress as your heart desires and dance on high quality music accompanied by friends. It looks like house, trance and rave are making a come back.

If you’ve missed the bash in New York, don’t worry. The Electric Daisy Carnival is scheduled to hit Las Vega from June 8 to June 10. Producers say the Las Vegas event is going to be even better than what they had prepared for New York. About 300,000 are expected to hit the Electric Daisy Carnival while in Las Vegas.

Pasquale Rotella, Insomniac Productions founder, told the Rolling Stone that this year’s stage in Las Vegas is going to be “extremely unique”. “Rather than using L.E.D. screens and moving lights and a pop-up stage, we’re gonna create everything from scratch and the whole stage is in the shape of a character. That’s gonna be really cool”.

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