Eight people reported dead in the Seal Beach shooting

An eighth victim joined the list of the people who lost their lives in the shooting that took place Wednesday in a salon in Seal Beach. The incident starred a single offender, or so the Seal Beach Police Department reps claim. The man entered the salon and opened fire randomly at the crowd inside pilling up bodies. The investigation is still open aiming to uncover the reasons that determined such an act of violence.

Some of the people who were present at the whereabouts of the salon Meritage on Wednesday claim that the shooter was aiming to take out his ex-wife as the two of them were engaged in a custody quarrel.

The man was apprehended shortly after his violent outburst only a few blocks away from the salon. The incident took place at a very crowed hour for the Pacific Coast Highway shop, which was full of stylists and customers at the time.

One of the survivors, Cindy, declared for the press that the events took place very fast, the man entered the shop and started shooting everyone in sight including the salon’s owner Randy Fannin. Even though at start the people in the shop thought the noise came from firecrackers it was soon obvious to everybody what a violent scene they were part of.

Such unprecedented events took by surprise both the town’s inhabitants as well as the police, who were forced to deal with the unfamiliar display of violence. After the shooting both the victims and the eyewitnesses were escorted to an apartment building in the vicinity, to calm themselves down. The streets were roaming with people talking about the events.

The witnesses were under shock both from the shooting itself as well as from the tragedy of the families of the victims and their grief outbursts. Marissa Pei, who was coming home from a day at the gym, told the reporter about several people’s reaction to the shooting. “’My baby. She’s half of me. Please, God, don’t let her be dead”, said a man to her outside the salon, looking feverishly for his wife.

Several other people who were in the vicinity of the salon working or passing by were affected by the incident which has shaken the entire community. Dion Martini, manicurist in another salon, said she had to hold her tears down at the thought of such a person living among the others and being capable of such behavior.

A ninth victim is reported as still in critical condition at the Long Beach Memorial Medical Center.

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