Eddie Murphy Honored by Foxx And Stevie Wonder

LOS ANGELES (AP) – Eddie Murphy was honored by fellow actor Jamie Foxx and singer Stevie Wonder during Spike TV’s special tribute in Los Angeles. Famous comedians got up on stage to tell funny stories about Eddie Murphy and how he influenced them in choosing their careers.

Personally, I was beginning to acknowledge Eddie Murphy’s absence from the movie industry. Luckily, Spike TV decided to host a special event in honor of the actor who paved the way for stand-up comedy with his 1983 delightful show, “Delirious”.

Even though Adam Sandler, Jamie Foxx, Arsenio Hall and Russell Brand kept the crowd entertained all evening with their amusing stories, it was Eddie Murphy and Stevie Wonder’s duet that was the most appreciated. Murphy, who often impersonated the singer in his stand-up comedy shows, joined Eddie Murphy for a special rendition of Wonder’s 1973 hit “Higher Ground”. Spike TV hired The Roots to serve as a house band during the Saturday party.

The Saban Theater was packed with Oscar-winning actors and actresses, as well as Eddie Murphy’s closest friends. Jamie Foxx, Tyler Perry, Martin Lawrence, Chris Rock and Keenan Ivory Wayans attended the event because they wanted to show their appreciation for the man who inspired them all.

The 51-year-old actor was accompanied by the beautiful Australian model, Paige Butcher. The two had a wonderful time together and they declared at the end of the two-hour program that they were very touched by the messages of the other actors. “I am a very, very bitter man. I don’t get touched easily, and I am really touched,” the comedian stated.

Morgan described Eddie as his “comic hero”; he even wore a red leather jacket similar to the one that Murphy donned during his “Delirious” show. Samuel L. Jackson thanked the “Tower Heist” star for giving him the opportunity to feature in the 1988 comedy “Coming to America”. “If it weren’t for Eddie, we might not have all the wonderful films that I’ve made,” Jackson joked.

Despite the numerous praises he received throughout the entire evening, Eddie Murphy insisted on telling everyone that he is just a retired “old song and dance man”. He concluded by thanking everyone for making him feel special during the two-hour program.

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