Ed O’Neil Funds Traficant Moviel

The star of Modern Family, Ed O’Neill has a new project in his plans. The famous actor will actually help fund new Traficant movie. The Hollywood star is worldwide famous thanks to his role in Married… with Children. 

The new movie will be focused on the story of late congressman Jim Traficant, who died at the age of 73 following an accident. Well, producers needed no less than $17,500 to finish production on this documentary, so people got the chance to fund it. Ed O’Neill was one of the people who considered this project to be interesting and decided to support it. Until now, producers were able to raise $9,805 from 49 people. 

The popular Modern Family star was also interviewed for the documentary and added a narrative voice. The actor signed books, artworks and other items for $1000 pledges. The new movie, Traficant: Congressman of Crimetown will actually be released soon, as hopefully producers will get the remaining sum they need to finish production. 

Meanwhile, Ed O’Neill is busy filming for the highly successful television series Modern Family. Actually, the comedy promises an amazing latest episode in which the family celebrates Halloween. Fans of the show should expect to see a great new episodes, as everyone knows that Halloween is Claire’s holiday. However, this year, Claire decides to allow Phil to organize the party. 

In the television series, Ed O’Neill plays the role of Jay Pritchett, who actually is the head of the family. The television series also stars Julie Bowen, Ty Burrell and Sofia Vergara. Actually, most recently Julie Bowen, who plays the role of Claire, has managed to create some headlines with her comments on plastic surgery. 

The actress claimed that she is not going to have a plastic surgery. “I don’t know that I could stand that kind of [scrutiny]. I don’t know that I’d feel comfortable with that,” the famous actress said during an interview with ABC News. “But never say never.” The talented actress also revealed that spending time at home with her family is her favorite thing in the world. 

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