Ecologists Oppose Space Shuttle Endeavour In Los Angeles

The arrival of the space shuttle Endeavour was anxiously awaited in Los Angeles, but ecologists oppose the parade because 400 trees would have to be chopped off in the Southern region of the city. California Science Center, on the other hand claims many more baby trees will be planted at the place of the old ones, according to ABC News.

Residents in Los Angeles were getting ready to welcome space shuttle Endeavour with a 2-day parade. Their wishes might not be fulfilled as the 12-mile path that the space shuttle has to overcome from the Los Angeles International Airport to the California Science Center is covered with 400 trees that need to be cut off in order for the spacecraft to go the distance. 

Workers at California Science Center are determined to plan many more trees after the parade, but ecologists oppose the arrival of Endeavour, nonetheless. Non-governmental organizations claim that it will take a long period of time to grow the new trees as big as the old ones.

The suggestion of cutting off 400 trees has upset some of the local residents, as well. Claudine Jasmin, a resident of South Los Angeles, told the press that the trees have been in the area for several generations and it would be a pity to take them down for this particular occasion. The fact, that a large variety of birds and squirrels live in these trees, is another reason not to take them down, according to Jasmin.

CSC President Jeffery Rudolph, however, thinks having the space shuttle Endeavour in Los Angeles could be a better investment for the city. He explained that the spacecraft is a “historic natural treasure” which needs to be properly emphasized. In addition, future generations of engineers, innovators and explorers could be inspired by Endeavour.

Endeavour is NASA’s fifth space shuttle orbiter which accomplished its first flight in 1992. It orbited the Earth more than 4,600 times and spent 299 days in space during its 25 missions.

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