Eavesdroppings,the government curbs on journalists

The government and the PDL has decided today not to vote on the Justice Committee in the Senate an amendment to the wiretapping bill tightening the penalties for journalists who publish reports on acts of inquiry. Said the rapporteur of the measure, Senator Roberto Centaro of the PDL.
“After a meeting with the Minister of Justice, (Angelina) Alfano, and the attorney (Nicholas’) Ghedini, president of Look justice of the PDL, was the decision, obviously shared by the Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi, of 1.2008 withdraw the amendment of the rapporteur that aggravated sentences for journalists in the case of publication of news not be published, “said Centaro Sky Tg24.
Yesterday was passed by the announcement of an oversight Centaro and other senators, then rectified, that the Board had approved the amendment. The justification given for the error was that it was a procedural setback and that the amendment was voted to the next sitting.
Today, however, came the reverse policy, while in the PDL Finian back to criticize the measure.
The deputy Fabio Granata, the most critical of the minority government of the PDL, said today that “we must improve the text, suggesting to remove the ban on journalists to publish the summary for the acts of the investigation.
The Senate committee will resume on Monday evening to consider amendments to the controversial bill that limits both the use of wiretaps as an investigative tool of the judiciary, or the ability of media to tell their ongoing investigations.
The measure will then be voted courtroom before returning to the House for another reading.
Compared to existing legislation, the penalties from bill to journalists who publish the “unprintable” are still higher. For the release of interception, even if they are covered by the confidentiality of investigations, is introduced penalty of arrest up to 30 days and fine of 2,000 to 10,000 euros. The amendment removed Centaro is raising the penalty for this violation in two months.
In the text of the bill remains the responsibility of the editor for publication of legal material, which is the real economic deterrent, since the maximum penalty came in at 464,000 euros.

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