Eat less, live longer and healthier

A research team from the United Kingdom has just discovered that we can extend our life expectancy by eating fewer calories each day. The results of this study, published in the journal Science, show that caloric restriction is reflected not only by prolonging life, but also through better health, because we can prevent many diseases associated with age.

The research team from University College London, United Kingdom, Davis School of Gerontology at the University of Southern California (USC) and Washington University School of Medicine in St Louis, United States, conducted tests of calorie restriction in rodents and found that these dietary restrictions had a significant impact on the molecular pathways related to aging process.

The results also showed that in less complex organisms, caloric restriction could double or even triple the life. But the study’s lead author, Dr. Luigi Fontana, Faculty of Medicine, University of Washington, said that the primary objective of the research was to improve our quality of life and help us avoid diseases associated with aging.

“The goal of my research is not really extend the lifetime up to 120 or 130 years,” he explained. “Currently, the average life expectancy in Western countries is about 80 years, but most people are in good health until age 50. We want to use these findings on caloric restriction and other genetic or pharmacological interventions related to bridge this gap of 30 years between life expectancy and ‘life expectancy in good health. ” However, extending the duration of healthy life, the average life expectancy may also increase up to 100 years. “

The researchers reduced the caloric intake of rodents by 10 to 50%, resulting in reduced activity of pathways involving growth factor similar to insulin (IGF-1) and glucose. Such a reduction in calories has significantly increased the lifespan of rodents, and reduce their susceptibility to age-related diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease and cognitive problems.

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