Earnings at Samsung Electronics not Great after 2Q

The largest and the most popular smartphone maker in the world is not that happy with the earnings it obtained after the second quarter. 

The news was made public by the Chief Financial Officer Lee Sang Hoon, who said that the company is not pleased with the sales of its products. The news is quite shocking, as Samsung is the most popular electronics maker in the world. Samsung was expected to have an amazing profit in the three months before June.  

However, it seems that the reason why officials from Samsung are not happy is actually linked to the fact that sales have dropped compared to the previous period. The company has just introduced on the market its Galaxy 5S, as well as its brand new luxury televisions, which will most likely generate great profits in the next quarter. In fact, this new line of products is expected to gather more than half of the earnings.

MoneyToday were the first ones to report on these comments made by Lee Sang Hoon. Most likely, the increased competition on the electronics market is making it quite difficult for famous the company to gain the profits they desire. Samsung has released its amazing Galaxy S5 in April. In just 25 days of global sales, the famous company has sold no less than 10 million copies. 

Of course, one of the main competitor companies for Samsung is Apple. Moreover, Samsung is dealing with great competitors on the Chinese market, but not only. Chinese competitors manage to offer more affordable products, as well as a wider variety of smart devices. Naturally, this has made Samsung worry about its success on certain markets and among a certain category of customers. 

However, despite the tough competition, Samsung manages to remain a powerful competitor and a popular choice among clients from all over the world. The company offers a diverse and very popular line of products, which definitely means a greater success. However, with the release of the iPhone 6 right around the corner, Samsung seems to be in the need of releasing something new and impressive, at the same time. 

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