Early March Brings Apple’s Newest iPad

We’ve been writing with so much enthusiasm about Apple’s newest iPad that now there’s an official release date, it has become even harder to be patient for one more week. Yes, your eyes are fine, Apple has released an official date for its newest iPad. So, without further ado, early March, more precisely, March 7th, will finally bring you iPad 3.
So much has been said and forecasted with regards to Apple’s iPad 3. Analysts and users got so enticed by the innovation potential Apple features that iPad 3 grew to be regarded as a gift from the gods of technology. And now that there’s just one more week of waiting, the thrill is ever more intense, and Apple’s iPad 3 should be ready to deliver.

But, first things first. As pointed out by several analysts throughout the cumbersome months of waiting in the dark, Apple has scheduled a media event next Wednesday. As the online media writes, Apple issued an invitation that pointed obviously to the release of iPad 3. The invite reads: “We have something you really have to see. And touch”. The text should be enough to confirm it is the iPad 3, but Apple also added a partial picture of a touch screen that is quite similar to that of the iPad.

Although media sources, such as Bloomberg, tried to get more information on the matter, spokespersons for Apple declined to give any comments apart from what the invite already had.

According to a source used by Bloomberg, it seems that Apple’s manufacturing units throughout Asia have begun the production for iPad 3 in January. Apparently, among other things, the new iPad brings to the table a quad core chip said to increase the reaction speed of the gadget. also writes that based on the rumors related to the iPad 3, the tablet will surely feature a higher quality camera, which they hope will feature HD quality, a better screen resolution, most circulated opinion is at QXGA or 2,048×1,536 pixels. It goes without saying that Siri technology could not be missing from iPad 3. Plus, it seems quite likely that iPad 3 will be Apple’s first gadget to work on 4G.

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