E-Cigarette Comes with Bluetooth Functionality

Supersmoke is the company which has created an e-cigarette that actually works as a Bluetooth headset, as well. The electronic cigarette with Bluetooth functionality has already been announced by its creators on their website. 

The e-cigarette comes with built-in speaker, also allowing users to receive calls while smoking. “When you’re connected to a phone, you can make and receive calls on the e-cigarette while you are smoking! Or listen to your favorite tracks from your phone via the e-cigarette with built-in speaker,” the website of the company also says. 

This new discovery surely shows that absolutely nothing is impossible after all. The new device already is available in sale, so users may purchase it at the sum of 80 Euro, which is about $110. This is a unique device, while Supersmoke actually claims that such a product was “never seen before.”

Supersmoke have quite a tradition on the release of unique devices linked to cigarettes, the company actually being behind the release of the first electronic cigarette back in 2007. 

Now, the company wants to make it simple to answer phone calls or listen to music while smoking. The revolutionary product allows smokers to experience nicotine free smoke. 

The new e-cigarette features many built in buttons, including a middle button that will activate the Supersmoke Bluetooth. When incoming calls are received, the e-cig will vibrate. The middle button on the device can be pressed to answer calls. Volume control buttons are integrated on the e-cigarette, as well, to make usage simpler. 

Well, there is no wonder that Supersmoke came with this idea and released quite an interesting product. In fact, in the past few years the popularity of electronic cigarettes has increased a lot, so this new device is expected to be popular, as well. 

We have to at least give it credit for the fact that you no longer have to search for your phone in your pocket or bag when you get a call while enjoying smoking. The mechanism on which this device functions is quite simple. 

Well, how successful the new Supersmoke device will be and if users will find it useful is unknown for now, but it is certain that it represents a revolutionary discovery. 

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