Dutch Group Prepares Funny iPhone 5 Prank

The Inquisitr reports that a Dutch group prepared a funny iPhone 5 prank to determine people to order the new device from their website once the phone becomes available in the Netherlands. The funny video became viral after showing what people would do to get their hands on Apple’s new iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 is not available yet in the Netherlands, but a group of young boys anticipated the arrival of the phone on Friday through a funny video prank. They filmed themselves with the new smartphone as they were getting ready to glue it to the pavement of one of the busiest squares in Netherlands, namely, Leidesplein.

Apple’s smartphone didn’t go unnoticed, so the majority of the passers-by tried to pick up the phone. Some of them realized that it was only a scam and they were embarrassed to have fallen for this trick. Others, however, did everything they could to take the phone and they even showed their frustration when they realized that there is nothing they can do. As one would expect, the$800 iPhone 5 tempted some people to furtively scoop up the device from the concrete. A girl was so disappointed that she could not get in possession of the phone that she started jumping up and down on it.  

The variety of feelings and reactions registered by the camera triggered the sympathy of the viewers; therefore, the video became viral thanks to the viewers who shared it on the main social channels. There were many comments, as well, in relation to the images illustrated in the clip. Some people were outraged by the idea of purchasing an $800 phone and destroying it for a prank, whereas others sincerely confessed that they would have tried to steal it, too, considering how expensive the gadget is.

In the end, the Dutch group invited people to order the new iPhone 5 from their online store by drawing the address of the website on the concrete. The smartphone will arrive in Netherlands on Friday.

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