Dustin Hoffman Cries During BAFTA Special Event

Dustin Hoffman broke down into tears during a special event hosted by the British Academy of Film and Television Arts last Tuesday. The actor recalled several emotional moments as he received a special trophy honoring his lengthy career, the Inquisitr reports.

It was about time the British Academy of Film and Television Arts acknowledged the numerous accomplishments that Dustin Hoffman has had during his career. Last Tuesday, the actor was invited to take part at a special event held by BAFTA during which he was honored with an award. The moment was all the more emotional as the actor broke down into tears when he recalled some significant moments of his career evolution.

Hoffman’s eyes grew teary as he explained the audience that filming the 1979 divorce drama “Kramer vs. Kramer” was one of the most difficult tasks he had to accomplish. Back then, the actor was divorcing his first wife Anne Byrne and drugs had depleted him in every way. He almost made the mistake of rejecting the part because he didn’t care about the script, but decided to join the cast once the script had been rewritten. Turns out being a part of the “Kramer vs. Kramer” cast enabled the actor to liberate himself of all the personal struggles he was going through.

Later on, he understood that he was not the only one who was going through hard times as Justin Henry, the child actor who also took part in the film was coming from a home that was breaking up. The relationship between them grew stronger after Dustin realized they had so much in common.

His other most famous character, Raymond Babbitt, from the critically acclaimed movie “Rain Man” came to life when he was least expecting this to happen. Although they had been filming for over two weeks, Dustin still couldn’t figure out how to interpret the autistic character. He was helped by director Barry Levinson, who told him that he had unintentionally created the essence of Raymond Babbitt while repeating “yeah” to everything that Tom Cruise was saying on the set of the movie. In the end, Dustin Hoffman apologized to his wife, Lisa, as the screen displayed several scenes from “Kramer vs. Kramer”.

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