Durant leads West to All-Star victory

Based on a recent report published by Reuters, Kevin Durant who plays for Oklahoma City Thunder led West to an All-Star victory during the Western Conference which was held on Sunday at Orlando’s Amway Center. The match ended with a 152-149 score in favor of the West and thus, Durant managed to exceed LeBron James’ performances in the basketball court.

Durant and James were the players who did their best to win the Sunday All-Star game. They both had 36 scoring honors a piece, but the Oklahoma was ready to do anything to take the victory out of Miami’s hands. In the end, they managed to do so thanks to the 152 points they scored, whereas James’ team only gathered 149 points.

The competition between Durant and James was very strong because both basketball players were fighting for the Most Valuable Player Award in the regular season. Durant told reporters that winning the Sunday game was a dream come true for him. His declaration was confirmed by Thunder head coach, Scott Brooks and his colleague, Russell Westbrook who also contributed at the victory with his 21 points. Coach Brooks stated that watching such an important game is “nerve-wracking” because there are many great players that can always turn the score in their team’s favor. He was glad Oklahoma came out on top.

The West did a good job during the entire game as they had the score in their favor. In fact, they were 20 points ahead until the last eight minutes of the match when the East intensified their game. The latter could have won the game if James hadn’t made a mistake. He made a bad cross-court pass and the ball ended up in Blake Griffin’s hands, thus ensuring the West’s victory. There was enough time for Miami to tie the game, but Dwyane Wade made an attempt to score a three-point and missed.

James was the most disappointed East player. He told reporters that he felt he left his team down because he made a mistake in one of the key moments of the game. Despite this, the basketball player had a lot of fun and added seven assists and six rebounds to his career.

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