Duncan Leads Spurs To Victory

The Associated Press reports that Duncan led the San Antonio Spurs to another victory in the playoff series. Los Angeles Clippers made things easier for them as the team was exhausted from the games they had to sustain until now.

The Spurs had the chance to enjoy one brief holiday as they didn’t take part in any competition last week. Just as sports analysts were beginning to think that the San Antonio players might get a little rusty, Duncan showed up on the basketball court proving everyone that he is still in shape. The player got 26 points and 10 rebounds, thus leading his team to another victory in the playoffs.

The Tuesday game was the first competition that the Spurs had to sustain in the Western Conference Semifinals. Thanks to the eight-day break, the players found it very easy to defeat their rivals with a 108-92 score. The Clippers, on the other hand, played their sixth game in 11 days and you could clearly tell they were too tired to keep up with San Antonio.

Spurs guard Manu Ginobili was not satisfied with the explanation that many newspapers have found for their success, namely, that the team was fresh after the break. He told reporters that it was the natural course of the game which enabled them to win the match. Judging by his players’ evolution in the last month, it is fair to say that the Spurs have worked hard for the victor. In fact, they haven’t lost a game in more than a month and this was their 15th winning competition. Sports commentators have declared it the longest winning streak since the 2004 NBA playoffs.

Many players from Clippers have been injured during the game, which makes it even harder to perform in the upcoming meetings. Chris Paul got an aching hip in the first round, so he didn’t get more than seven points and 11 assists. The worst part is that the Clippers will have to rest as much as they can on Wednesday as they will play again on Thursday.

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