Dude, Where’s My Phone? Find My iPhone Knows

How many times have you gone through your handbag, briefcase, apartment, office or car looking for your iPhone? Like most smartphone users today, chances are it happens more than a few times a week. Now there’s an app that helps you find your misplaced iPhone without you turning everything upside down.

Find My iPhone isn’t new at all. It is one of the most popular apps among iOS users, helping them to find their misplaced iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Mac. Kids will use it to find their lost phones at school and just recently the NY police used it to find a theft suspect. The app is free to download and easy to install and use. All it takes is a second iOS device where you install Find My iPhone and sign in with your Apple ID, at least iOS 5, an iCloud account and an awake Mac.

When it has found your device, Find My iPhone will display its location on a map, sound a two-minute alert for you to hear when in close proximity. It will also help you protect your data in case someone robbed you off your precious iPhone. You will be able to lock your iPhone and erase all your data remotely.

For iPhone, iPod or iPod Touch running iOS 6, Find My Price features the Lost Mode that will give you the possibility to lock it with a 4-digit passcode and display a contact phone number on it. While in Lost Mode, Find My iPhone records your device’s location at all times and it even provides you with driving directions towards the other device. Make sure you enable Find My iPhone in the iCloud settings to use this feature.

The only caveats of Find My Price are that the app doesn’t work without an Internet connection or when the sought device is turned off, not to mention the Lost Mode with driving directions towards the missing iDevice is available only for iOS 6.

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