Duchess Kate’s Word That Sent British Tabloids Into A Frenzy

Duchess Kate sent all British tabloids into a frenzy during her Tuesday’s visit to Grimsby, England. Upon receiving a teddy bear from a fan, Prince William’s wife uttered a sound that gave birth to many suppositions in response. Read the full article to find out the rest of the story.

The queen may be the only one sitting on the chair of state, but when it comes to the media’s attention, the members of the royal family like to take turns at making headlines. Few days after Queen Elizabeth II has been released from the hospital after a mild case of gastroenteritis, it was time for Duchess Kate to be in the spotlight. Since the weather was not good enough for a session of topless or bikini photos, the Duchess settled herself to making an accidental word slip causing great buzz among the media.

As she visited Grimsby, England to promote Prince’s Trust Charity, Kate received a white teddy bear from one of the persons in the crowd. The Duchess was very pleased with the gift and replied: “Thank you. I will take that for my d…”. Although she did not pronounce the entire word, reporters and well-wishers in the crowd have immediately implied that the duchess was willing to say ‘daughter’, thus revealing the gender of her unborn baby.

The wave of suppositions was fueled by the testimonies of the people standing in the crowd, next to Kate. Sandra Cook, for instance, who was standing next to the woman who handed the teddy bear asked the duchess whether she had meant to say daughter or not, but she received no clear answer. Kate insisted that the gender of the baby is unknown for the moment, but none of the persons, who were present at the visit believed her declaration. Prince William’s wife ended her declaration with a decisive “We’re not telling” convincing even more royal followers that the next heir will be a girl.

The palace hurried to support Kate Middleton’s declaration by issuing an official statement through which they vehemently declined all rumors. Spokespersons told the press that the rumors are false, so the royal family has no comments to make in relation to the gender of the baby.

Meanwhile, the press has to deal with a new conflict arising from the fact that one of the bystanders heard the duchess refer to the baby as ‘he’. The royal family is not expected to make any announcements about the gender of the baby until due date as the rules of the palace prohibit it.

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