Dropbox Gets Outside Experts To Investigate Spam Attack

In light of recent spam attacks that hit some of the most popular sites, Dropbox decided to rule out any possible spam attack. Dropbox hired outside experts to investigate the recent spam attack frenzy.

Last Wednesday, the popular file-sync-and-store service Dropbox has been the victim of an unknown spam attack. Network admins are trying to solve the bug, and they’re willing to get the help of outside experts. A week after the infection got the best of Dropbox’s security systems, users are still complaining they receive spam linked to their accounts.

An employee wrote on the Dropbox forum, the outside experts that got hired to investigate the spam attack will “make sure we leave no stone unturned”. The aim is to find whether it was in fact a breach that caused the spam frenzy.

The Register reports most of Dropbox affected users are across Europe. These users have been receiving spam messages that promoted European gambling sites. One day after, on Tuesday Dropbox was impacted by an hour-long outage that got people thinking it wasn’t a coincidence.

Dropbox then explained the outage “was incidental and not cause by any external factor or third party”. With 50 million users loading each 48 hours a billion files, Dropbox carries a huge data base, that could give access to loads of different information. So, there’s little wonder, users reacted that promptly.

“While we haven’t had any reports of unauthorized activity on Dropbox accounts, we’ve taken a number of precautionary steps and continue to work around the clock to make sure your information is safe” reads a blog post by Dropbox. The message attempted to calm down users and ensure nobody was looking at their data. “We’ll continue to provide updates” ends the message.

Dropbox is carrying a huge storage potential that could boost it up to the top earners in the industry. Experts say the kind of storage Dropbox sustains marks the future in computing for cloud-storage services.

Forbes writes Dropbox’s recent spam attack raises big issues of exactly how safe cloud-storage services actually are. “Dropbox’s investigation into what could be a successful breach of its defenses only underscores the importance of what the cloud represents—it’s a vault where our secrets are kept” reads Forbes’ conclusion.

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