Drew Barrymore Admits Guilt in her Failed Marriages

It definitely seems that Drew Barrymore decided to admit the fact that she had her part of a guilt when it comes to her failed marriages. Drew and her husband of about four years, Will Kopelman, recently announced their separation. Well, Drew seems to be doing well after the end of her marriage and the star actually said during a recent interview that she might be the reason of the split. 

Drew Barrymore opened up during an interview with Good Housekeeping. The star claimed that she found support in her friend and business partner, Nancy Juvonen. Drew said that Nancy was actually the one who discovered the reason why Drew kept getting divorced. The actress also said that Nancy is her dear friend whom she talks to each time when she is suffering from broken heart and Nancy is always trying to help her find out what went wrong. 

Drew went on to reveal what Nancy told her when it comes to the reason why none of her marriages worked. “She’s like, ‘I did notice that there’s a common denominator problem in all of your relationships and I’d like to identify it right now,'” Drew said. “And I’m like, ‘What!? I’ve been waiting! Show me the light!’ She’s like, ‘It’s you,'” she went on to add. 

The divorce from Will was actually the third one for Drew. Before marring Will Kopelman, the famous actress was married to Tom Green, between 2001 and 2002, and to Jeremy Thomas, between 1994 and 1995. As imagined, Drew did not want to reveal too much about the separation and what determined this breakup, but the star previously claimed that she and Will stopped being a couple since October 2015. 

Drew Barrymore and Will Kopelman are yet to file the divorce papers. The pair has two daughters together, who are one and three years old, respectively. Drew previously claimed that motherhood was the most important thing in her life. Actually, when announcing their separation, Drew and Will claimed that their children remain their main priority and they will remain a family for their two daughters. 

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