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Dress Like A Star On New Year’s Eve

You know what they say: for New Year’s Eve parties you need to dress to impress. So here’s how to dress like a star for a New Year’s Eve party you will never forget.

If you’ve been searching for 2012’s party wear trends for New Year’s Eve bashes, you must have noticed that the main advice is “Shine!”. Designers have outdone themselves once again with the fall/winter collections and have launched a few trends we have immediately fell in love with. This winter it’s all about being bold and comfortable in your own skin with your body. All women are beautiful and for New Year’s Eve party you will shine too.


Dressing like a star for the New Year’s Eve party isn’t just something you learn by reading a guide. Knowing about trends is surely helpful and so is getting advice from stylists, but even when your look is flawless, if you’re not feeling it, it will show. So remember, fashion and great style is all about attitude. Be comfortable with what you’re wearing and for one night let that shy girl go wild.

The most popular choice in party wear for New Year’s Eve are sequins. Obviously, it’s not a surprise. What is however surprising is how designers have played with sequins this year. Even if you think it’s literally too much sparkle, just try on a dress with sequins. You’re going to love how the sequins catch the light. Be careful, however, because every type of dress has a different effect on your silhouette. If you have the body, choose a mermaid dress with sequins like the one Crystal Renn is wearing or a short dress without sleeves with patterns that hug the body (Kylie Minogue).

You can also choose a stretch sequined fabric to add more curves to your body, like Eva Longoria did with a dress created by This Alice + Olivia. “The gleaming stretch fabric draws attention to every part of your body, making it the perfect choice for anyone who wants to amp up their curves” says celebrity stylist Kithe Brewster.

But don’t overdo it. Don’t add even more sparkle to your New Year’s Eve sequin dress, unless you’re planning to blind people. So how do we accessorize a sequin dress? Try for instance a red clutch if you’re wearing a silver sequins dress and closed toe black patent leather or suede pumps. As for jewelry, forget about necklaces and bracelets. Just wear your beautiful diamond earrings, in the end they are a girl’s best friends!

Dressing like a star is obviously something that takes a lot of time, but any other flawless attire does too. Plus, when it comes to choosing an amazing outfit for your New Year’s Eve bash, dressing like a star is what will get you that kiss from the guy you’ve been eyeing for so long.

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