Dramatic Testimony In Jerry Sandusky’s Trial

Dramatic testimonies have been made in Jerry Sandusky’s trial on Thursday, but prosecutors claim the trial will not come to an end until all witnesses have been interrogated. According to the Associated Press, the stories of the three victims who have been interviewed on Thursday brought even more disgrace on the assistant coach.

Jerry Sandusky’s trial will last for one more week until all witnesses will be interrogated, according to the jurors’ declaration. So far, only three victims have testified triggering emotional reactions from people in the court room.

Sandusky is on trial after eight former students accused him of sexually abusing them when they were little. The first witness was an 18-year-old man who told jurors that the 68-year-old assistant coach raped him in his basement on repeated occasions. According to his declarations, Sandusky’s abuses would consist in fondling and forced oral sex and sometimes even rape. Victim 9, as investigators described him, stated that Sandusky would get really aggressive and even left him bleeding most of the times. Despite this, the young boy who spent approximately 100 nights in the assistant coach’s basement added that he never sought medical treatment.

Victim 3, an Army National Guard sergeant also declared that the accused would often get in his bed and start caressing him. Although the young man disliked having his genitals touched by Sandusky, he told everyone in court that he loved the assistant coach like a father. The witness felt as if he was part of a family when he was with the 68-year-old man, so he never bore grudges against Sandusky.

The third man who was called at the witness box was identified by investigators as Victim 6. He recalled that the Penn State assistant coach referred to himself as a “tickle monster” and forced the then-11-year-old boy to have shower with him even though the victim hadn’t broken a sweat.

As dramatic as these testimonies have been, Sandusky’s lawyers have, nevertheless, suggested that the victims might be interested in getting some money out of the trial. All the three witnesses on Thursday rejected the lawyers’ accusations.

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