Drake asks Rihanna to Stop Contact with Chris Brown

Reportedly, before getting seriously involved with her, Drake asked Rihanna to stop all connections to Chris Brown. 

Reports indicate that in the past few weeks Drake and Rihanna have actually been inseparable. Sources claim that as their relationship is getting very serious, Drake wants to take things to the next level. But, for that he wants to know that Rihanna has ceased all connection with her former boyfriend, Chris Brown. 

The Daily Star reported that Rihanna and Chris Brown actually are still in contact, despite the troubles of the singer and the fact that he assaulted Rihanna, while the couple was still dating in 2009. “Neither of them are relationship people but Drake has made it clear that if things are going to get serious with them, he doesn’t want her speaking to Chris,” a source said. “They are never going to get along properly,” it added. 

Sources claimed that between Rihanna and Drake, at first, it was only casual hooking up. However, as time passed, the two became more involved, which means that they are now in a serious relationship. Sources said that the two want to give this serious relationship a chance, while Rihanna is determined to spend as much time as possible with her boyfriend, as he knows how to treat her better than anyone else. 

So, even though the relationship might have started as a game and fun, it turned out being more serious. However, to be able to invest more in the relationship with Rihanna, Drake needs to know that his girlfriend is really committed to their love. 

So, all that Rihanna has to do if she wants to be happy with Drake is give up talking to Brown. Maybe that will not be so difficult after all, as Chris Brown was arrested over the weekend for violating his probation. It is yet to see what will happen to the singer. Some reports indicated that the reason why Brown violated his probation is actually linked to the fact that he might have been involved in a relationship with someone within the rehab center. It is yet to discover if the reports are true. 

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  1. You ever realized how confusing this sounds when in one week you can read Chris Brown, Drake and hear Wi-Fi about Kendrick Lamar.
    Why can’t she just love the industry like everyone and be the same “hoe” that’s in Brown Sugar w/o all the flack and heat/
    Laugh Bitches

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