Drake and Jennifer Lopez Allegedly Dating for Publicity

Drake and Jennifer Lopez have surely managed to create a lot of headlines lately. The two famous singers are said to be a couple considering their public appearances together. However, some new rumors have indicated that Drake and J Lo are not really dating, but it is all for the publicity the romance is generating. 

The rumors came with a Page Six report, which claimed that if Drake and Jennifer were really a couple, the two stars would have been more private about their romance. The fact is that the singers continue to show their affection in public, so there is no wonder that such rumors have emerged. 

“This relationship is fake, it is just a publicity stunt to publicize their record together,” the insider explained. “If Jennifer and Drake were really dating, they’d be way more private about it,” the same source went on to add. Apparently, all that Drake and J Lo want is to sell their new music and they are using the publicity of their rumored romance for this purpose. 

“Doesn’t Drake realize that it looks weird to declare his love for RiRi at the MTV awards, then start flaunting his chemistry with J.Lo a few months later?” the source also said. There is no official comment or confirmation on this, so it surely remains unknown if Drake and J Lo are really a couple or not. 

What is interesting to point out is that the two stars have constantly been in the spotlight lately with their personal life. Several rumors have claimed that Drake and Rihanna were romantically involved, considering Drake’s statements and their constant appearances together. Other rumors talked about Jennifer Lopez’s love life and claimed that the famous singer may get back together with her ex-husband, Marc Anthony. 

Of course, these rumors started after J Lo and Marc shared a kiss on the stage of the 2016 Latin Grammy Awards. The event happened in November 2016, and about one month later Marc filed for divorce from his wife, Shannon De Lima. The rumors were not confirmed and some sources said that J Lo and Marc Anthony are not planning on getting back together. 

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  1. This whole situation could have been hanled in a much better way than it was to begin with. We all should have been told this right from the very beginning and not leave us all hanging, not knowing, for so damn long what was really going on about all this.

    So. stupid , really was, in my opinion.
    A Jlo fan

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