Dr. Dre true fan of David Guetta’s Live Show

Before achieving his success as a rapper and producer, Dr. Dre worked as a DJ for the World Class Wrecking Crew. It is due to his background that he was quite taken by the new Beats mixr headphones, manufactured specifically to meet the needs of DJ’s. Furthermore, Dre claims he is considering returning to his career routes as a result of both the headphones and Guetta’s life show.

Dre went to Spain to catch Guetta’s show at Ibiza and was completely taken by his performance. “He’s passionate about what he’s doing, so who better to represent our DJ headphone?”

The rapper and producer considered Guetta a true artist at work as well as an icon for DJs around the world. The show was energetic and supported by impressive effects. Guetta goes beyond a simple DJ’s work in the pursuit for putting together a show in its true meaning that the public can take home with them and love attending.

Currently Dre is working on the final touches for his new album Detox that has been in the making for quite some time. Alongside this project the former NWA producer is also seriously considering returning to the DJ career. Yet the decision is not set in stone.

Even though Guetta might look at a collaboration with Dr. Dre in the future, one celebrity he swears he has nothing in common with is Paris Hilton. He recently dismissed the rumors that placed him and the hotels tycoon in the same boat. The rumor started at one of the DJ’s Ibiza shows that Hilton utterly enjoyed. Photos of the two of them corroborated with the interest Paris has shown lately for a musical idea got the rumor started.

In the past Guetta worked with numerous artists in the industry, such as Nicki Minaj, Taio Cruz, Snoop Dogg, Jennifer Hudson, Kelly Rowland, Akon and Fergie.

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