Donald Trump: “I Have No Regrets About Twitter Meltdown”

Everyone in the press was expecting Donald Trump to apologize for his recent behavior and political comments, but the real estate mogul claims he doesn’t regret his Twitter meltdown. As a matter of fact, the American business magnate is convinced his popularity will increase as a result of his online rant, the Inquisitr reports.

Unlike Denise Helms, the woman who was investigated after an uninspired Facebook post, Donald Trump is making unabashed declarations a week after his Twitter meltdown. The famous business man told reporters at the Inquisitr that he is not the least ashamed of the statements he has made on the social network. On the contrary, he is glad to see that many people in America share his points of view.

As soon as he found out that Obama was re-elected the President of the United States, Trump took to Twitter to set his frustrations free. He described Obama’s victory as a “total sham” and as a “disgusting injustice”. Moreover, he invited people to start a revolution in Washington so they could get rid of Barack. There have been other controversial comments, as well, but the real estate mogul realized it was safer to delete them.

This doesn’t mean, however, that Trump is having second thoughts about his Twitter meltdown. He relies on his followers and is convinced that fans will continue to support him irrespective of what he says or does. “I have no regrets. I’ve been well-received … I will have way over 2 million Twitter followers shortly,” the mogul concluded.

Despite this, a petition against Donald Trump was started a few hours after Trump’s rant. Those who have signed the petition request Macy’s to stop commercializing Donald’s merchandize. The document, however, could not intimidate Donald. He responded by letting his rivals know that he has many connections within Macy’s; therefore, it will be long until the store stops selling its products.

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