Donald Driver is a dad

Football star Donald Driver and his wife Betina are the proud parents of a sweet baby girl named Charity. Driver’s wife went into labor one day before his game on Thursday. Anxious enough about the game, Driver said that he now does not have to worry about Betina going into labor the day of the game and can concentrate on his play.

Donald Driver is one of the happiest players in the field today, as he has become a daddy. His wife Bettina gave birth to a baby girl on Wednesday night. Prior to the joyful event, Driver was worried about his wife. He thought that, because of the excitement of his game on Thursday, she might go into labor during his performance on the field. But now, all those worries are a bad dream.

According to WBay, the player needs only 42 yards to gain the title of the Packers’ all-time leading receiver. If he makes it, this could represent the third record for him: the major franchise receiving record. Driver already has two records that he can be proud of: one is the record for the most catches and the other is for the most consecutive games with a catch.

While talking about the game on Thursday, the football star says that he does not want to think about the possibility of having another record listed in his career resume, because the pressure would be too much. “Once I get it, I think someone will tell me. I’m just focused on going out there and making the plays count when I have the opportunity”, he ads. He also says that even if he sets another record, he does not expect the game to end. As he said it, “You wave, and whenever that play may be, you’re able to walk away knowing that you’ve done it.”

The name of his baby daughter, Charity, may have something to do with the charity work that Driver and Betina are involved in.  Since 1999, Donald has been present in more than 300 charitable events and in 2001, the Driver family set the basis of the Donald Driver Foundation.

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