Dolce & Gabbana Sentenced to 18 Months in Jail

Famous designers Dolce & Gabbana were sentenced to 18 months in jail in a case related to tax evasion. The sentence was given on Wednesday. 

The reason why Dolce and Gabbana were sentenced to prison is actually linked to a huge amount of money in tax evasion. Apparently, the two were found guilty of 200 million euros worth of tax evasion, linked to the creation of a shell company in Luxembourg, back in 2004 and 2005. 

At this point, for Dolce & Gabbana the prison verdict was reduced by two months. Still, the court ruling was considered to be quite curious. So, even though prosecutors asked for the two to be acquitted, apparently, the court decision was absolutely against this. So, the two popular designers were found guilty of tax evasion. 

The decision was taken by Milan’s Court of Appeal now, even though the trial first started last year. The court decided to reduce the sentences of Dolce and Gabbana only by two months. The decision was taken even though it has been said that the case is invalid. 

The decision of the court was highly unexpected by the famous designers and their lawyers. They claimed to be speechless. “It’s a sentence that leaves me speechless. We will appeal to the [Court of] Cassation,” the lawyer of the two designers said. Naturally, there were no official statements released by Domenico Dolce or Stefano Gabbana until this point, linked to the case. 

The two famous designers are well known for their impressive clothing lines and for working with stars such as Madonna and Naomi Campbell, among other celebrities. The first conviction on this case dates back to last June, when the two designers were convicted to 20 months in jail. The pair appealed this decision. 

Prosecutors seem to have realized in March that the company which opened in Luxemburg was actually a real firm, not a shell company to avoid paying taxes. This is why they said that the case should be dropped. However, it seems that a different decision has been taken. If the sentence will be maintained, the two will not actually have to serve time in jail, as it is below the Italian minimum sentencing requirements. 

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