Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan Opens Up About Suicide Attempt

According to a recent report published by Us Weekly, dog whisperer Cesar Millan opened up about his suicide attempt during a Nat Geo documentary that will air on November 25. The numerous personal problems that the famous reality TV star was confronted with in 2010 determined him to abuse antidepressants.

Judging by his peaceful look on the show, you might assume dog whisperer Cesar Millan is having a happy and serene life. Things weren’t always as good as they are today, however. The reality TV star has revealed during a recent Nat Geo documentary “Cesar Millan: The Real Story” that he attempted to commit suicide in 2010 due to a series of personal problems.

Millan declared that he lost his four-legged friend, pit bull Daddy, at the beginning of the year. The two had been inseparable for 16 years, so Cesar felt deserted when Daddy passed away. Things got even worse when his wife of 16 years decided to file for divorce in June 2010. Antidepressants had become Cesar’s only means to achieve the mental and psychological stability he needed to move on.

Even so, the dog whisperer could not refrain from feeling “defeated” and from experiencing “a big sense of guilt and failure”. “I was at the lowest level I had ever been emotionally and psychologically,” he later on declared on his website without providing any details in relation to the overdose. Luckily, he managed to survive the overdose and decided to start it all over again by dedicating all his attention to work, exercise and affection in order to avoid antidepressants.

Millan also talked about his relationship with his late dog, Daddy, comparing it with his Tibet, Himalaya and Buddha. It was with Daddy’s help that Cesar managed to attain the level of calmness that enables him nowadays to train other people’s dogs.

His love life has got better, as well. The 43-year-old dog trainer has met the right woman for him, Jahira Dar, whom he plans to propose in the near future. On January 1, his book, “A Short Guide to a Happy Dog” is set to hit library shelves.

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