Dog biting shark viral gets 2.7 million views

A recent viral what shows a dog biting a shark has been uploaded on YouTube and has made the delight of the users, gathering over 2.7 million views, Reuters reports.

In journalism school they say that a dog biting a man is no news, but a man biting a dog – there’s the show! Ok … nobody said anything about a dog biting a shark and honestly, we don’t know which would have been the best news material: the shark biting the dog of the dog biting the shark? Here’s what happened:

The video shows two yellow dogs swimming in the waters of the Australian shore in the town called Broome, over 1,000 miles of Perth. In front of them we can see several sharks. They appear to be herding them towards the shore. But at one point one of them hides his head under the water and bites one of the sharks.

Russell Hood-Penn, the man who taped the incident, could not believe his eyes as he looked at the images he was shooting. You can his voice in the video, saying “The dog is biting the shark. That is unbelievable. I’ve seen it all now.” Russell uploaded the video footage in YouTube and, in a matter of hours, it has been seen more than 27 million times.

What was the dog doing attacking sharks? And why were the sharks so close to the shore? The answer may be in the second half of the video. As the camera pans out, to get a good look of the surroundings, you can see a large mammal on the shore. The animal, which looks more like a manatee than like anything else, is dead. Russell Hood-Penn believes that this may be the reason the sharks have risked to come so close to the shore in the first place.

During the video, the dog is unharmed, which we cannon say about the shark. As the dog comes out of the water and shakes his coat to get rid of al the water, the shark’s fate remains unknown.

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