Does Online Therapy For Teen Chronic Fatigue Work?

Perhaps a first look might make parents doubt the actual success of online therapy for teen chronic fatigue. But, since the suggestion seems interesting enough we’ve asked ourselves the same question and based on what the online media writes, it seems scientists have made another breakthrough in medicine.

For most parents teen chronic fatigue does not exist as a health disorder. To be fair, just 20 years ago being a teenager seemed a lot more natural. In contrast, today’s teenagers are often struggling with depression, have alcohol and drug related problems, smoke and waste considerable amounts of time watching TV,  tweeting and chatting on Facebook. Plus, to all these factors add the often fast food meal and lack of exercise.

As scientists say, the chronic fatigue syndrome is a health condition with no apparent origin. Medicine at the moment considers the syndrome to be caused by some sort of virus. In other words, the common grounds on which people explain chronic fatigue might be due to a biological cause and not psychological.

A recent study brought the first scientific signs that online therapy does indeed prove useful for teens suffering from chronic fatigue. Published in “The Lancet” journal, the study was undertaken by researchers over 135 teenagers suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome for 2 years. Researchers were interested in studying what impact can their FITNET program have on those taking part in the study.

FITNET stands for the Fatigue In Teenagers on the internet and it is basically the online therapy so talked about. The program pertains to helping teenagers struggling with the chronic fatigue syndrome. The study showed that under the program, patients have improved as the treatment reduced fatigue, physical dysfunction and missing school in half a year.

FITNET gives patients access to immediate help over the internet. They log in the program, send emails to cognitive behavioral psychotherapists and receive answers on set days or immediately if the case if urgent.

The completion of the six months trial showed that about 85 percent of those in the FITNET program said chronic fatigue disappeared, with 78 percent having normal physical functioning and 75 percent being able to go to classes. But, scientists couldn’t say at this point, particularly which aspect of their online therapy worked.

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