DMX Hospitalized Over ATV Accident

A few years back, rappers like DMX would have been hospitalized over injuries caused by gun fire or setup accidents. But times have changes and today’s bad ass rappers are getting treated for more conventional things. DMX has had his share of hospital time. Only earlier this year he was put in the hospital by bad shrimp. This time DMX was hospitalized over an ATV accident that left him with a concussion.

This Saturday, the 41-year-old rapper tweeted on Saturday “FLIPPED MY F—— FOUR WHEELER OVER!”. Shortly after, DMX posted a photo of himself in a hospital bed and hospital gown , letting everybody know he was fine. “IM GOOD” reads the caption following the picture.

TMZ got the scoop on how DMX flipped with his ATV. DMX was at his property in South Carolina ridding his four wheeler down a hill when the accident took place. During the crash, the 41-year-old rapper suffered a severe injury to the head. Fortunately for him, when the ATV flipped over, somehow DMX landed on his ass, avoiding a much more damaging situation.

The concussion was so powerful, DMX does not remember anything except the lights of the ambulance. For the moment being, the rapper says he doesn’t know for sure when doctors will be releasing him from the hospital.

This was the second time DMX got admitted this year alone. This January, DMX was brought down by “bad shrimp” he ate at his baby’s mother house in Miami. All the way to Charlotte, the rapper had a hard time keeping everything in and eventually landed Gastonia Memorial Hospital puking. He spent four hours in the emergency room where he was treated for food poisoning.

Meanwhile, DMX has a lot going on. He released a free album earlier this year that brought him back in the focus. “The Weigh In” was released two months ago and features 11 brand new tracks from the rapper. Lil Wayne, Big Stan, Andreena Mills and Dr. Dre have joined DMX on the free EP too.

But rumors go DMX is already working at another album, one that is supposed to be released next year. However, “Undisputed” is said by sources with Hip Hop Wired to be released even sooner, sometime this fall.

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