DJ Rashad Dies at 34

A shocking news was just revealed, as it was reported that DJ Rashad died at the age of only 34. The star was known as both a DJ and a music producer. 

Reports reveal that DJ Rashad passed away at around 1.30, on Saturday, in Chicago. The reason which has led to this tragedy was not revealed at this point. So, the cause of death was not announced, at least not yet. Apparently, an autopsy will be made to determine what caused the tragic death of DJ Rashad. 

However, reports reveal that drugs and drug paraphernalia were found in the star’s room, near to his body. The famous music producer is survived by a 9 year old son, Chad. Naturally, this is a great tragedy for the family. “Since he was a kid, he’s been doing this,” his father claimed according to the Sun-Times. 

“He knew what he wanted to do, and a lot of us don’t get a chance to make our dream come true,” Anthony Harden also said.  

DJ Rashad had numerous fans who are devastated by this news. He released his first musical project back in 1998, when Child Abuse was out. The star seemed to be quite dedicated to his musical career, in fact Rashad being confirmed to make an appearance on May 8, at the LA Bootleg Theater. A new EP was planned to be released on April 28, but unfortunately the bad news put all these plans in the shadows. 

Most recent reports reveal that Rashad died of suspected overdose. However, the news has not been confirmed yet, so only the autopsy will tell exactly why the star has passed away. Numerous musicians, writers and fans have posted a series of messages on their social media pages, expressing their condolences and their sorrow for the death of this complex and talented star. 

Some of the most famous singles released by DJ Rashad include Feeling and Show u How, which were included on the album Double Cup. However, throughout the years, the star has released numerous other successful songs. His music and his successful projects will live eternally.

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