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DIY Christmas Part I: Stocking

Creating your own Christmas decorations may be difficult, but it sure is rewarding. Your Christmas stocking may not always have the same size, they may not be as perfect as the ones you see in stores and truth be told, you rarely get to hang them around the house. Not to mention the disaster you cause by spreading fabric, glue and glitter all over the house. Yet, your handmade stocking acquire your personal touch, they reflect part of your personality and they give you the feeling there’s nothing you can’t accomplish. Plus, they make great gifts when you get tired of them, so here’s how you can design your DIY Christmas stocking.

1. Choosing the fabric is the first and most important step you need to accomplish. Since these are Christmas decorations, you should probably use a green or red fabric. The material doesn’t have to be new; you can also reuse old cloths for this particular project.

2. Fold the fabric in two parts and draw a stocking outline, using a white chalk. The shape doesn’t have to be perfect, but it should, nevertheless, bear the resemblance of socks.

3. Once you have finished drawing the outline, you may start cutting the fabric following the chalk line.

4. Take any type of thread you like and start sewing on the back of the fabric, that is, the part that you don’t want to be visible. Make sure you closely follow the stocking pattern, so you won’t leave any parts out. The top of the stocking needs not be sewed because you will need the gap to fill the Christmas sock with gifts.

5. In the end, you only have to turn the Christmas stocking right-side-out and you’re all good to go. You can also purchase ready-made emblems illustrating stars, angels or Santas and sew them on top of the fabric to embellish the design of your stocking. 

6. If you plan on hanging the stocking, you should furnish them with small hangers at the top. Smaller socks may be filled with cotton wool and hanged on the Christmas three together with other handmade decorations.

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