Dissident Will Start Website For Imprisoned Nobel Laureate

Chinese dissident Yu Jie declared on Wednesday that he will start a special website for his imprisoned friend, Nobel laureate Liu Xiaobo. The Chinese author who was recently granted asylum in the United States wants to determine as many people as possible to support Liu’s case, Reuters reports.

After many failed attempts, Yu Jie finally managed to settle on the territory of the United States. He was granted asylum last week, so the Chinese dissident and author plans to continue his battle against authoritarian regimes. His first move will be to start a website dedicated to the imprisoned Chinese Nobel laureate Liu Xiaobo who was detained in 2009 for encouraging people to take action against the single-party regime and to contribute to the instauration of democracy.

Yu Jie was recently awarded the Civil Courage Prize by the Train Foundation for the atrocities he, himself, had suffered. He arrived in New York in January, but last year he was arrested on numerous occasions and beaten until he lost his consciousness. Despite this, he continued his fight against the communist party by criticizing the premier in his book “China’s Best Actor: Wen Jiabao”. He, later on, set up the Independent PEN Center in China to support freedom of expression. Now that he has the right to live in the United States, Jie plans to settle in Virginia and make Liu’s voice heard with the help of the Internet.

Yu told reporters that he wants as many people as possible to know what Liu has been through, so far. He is confident that once people will get to read Xiaobo’s works on the website he will become even more popular than Nelson Mandela or Suu Kyi given the large country he comes from.

Liu Xiaobo is currently serving an 11-year sentence in prison after being arrested in 2009 for trying to enact democratic reforms. In 2010, he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, but was not allowed to claim his award.  

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