Disney debuts storybook apps for young iPhone users

Parents who were concerned that their kids are spending too much time browsing iPhones and iPads are now free to relax as Disney has just launched a new storybook app for the little ones, according to CNET. The application has various interactive characteristics that will most likely convince young iPhone users to read new books.

The paper book days are so over. Many more publishing houses choose to release online versions of their books as customers spend increasingly more time on the Internet. However, the invention of the smartphone applications has completely changed and improved reading experiences, especially now that Disney has created an application for some of its most watched movies.

There aren’t many books that children can download at the moment, but the creators of the program promised to enrich the online library with new titles. “The Lion King: Timon’s Tale” and “Tangled: Storybook Deluxe” are the two digital books that analysts think will draw kids’ attention. These stories have been purposefully created for iOS-based smartphones, so they are available only for Apple’s iPhones.

The Lion King Tale is narrated by Timon himself and the pages are accompanied by clips from the movie to make the reading experience more interesting for the little ones. There are many interactive features, as well, so kids will be able to draw marks with chalk once in a while and to play with various animals from the movie. The most interesting part, however, is the one where the reader is asked to roar like Musafa and the roar is played back as a component of the scene, thus giving readers the impression that they are part of the story.

Although Tangled looks more like a traditional book, it has been endowed with numerous games that many young users will want to play. Disney allows children to be their own narrators by recording their own voices on all the pages and then, listen to the narrated story.

The prices won’t be a problem for parents, either, as most of the books are sold at $4.99 and $6.99, respectively. “The Year of the Dragon”, “The Smurf Classic Series” and “Goodnight Safari” are some of the titles that may be found on the Disney application.

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