Dish Anywhere Now Available on Kindle Fire HDX

If you have a Kindle Fire HDX tablet, you will surely be happy to find out that the Dish Anywhere app is now available for download on your device, too. 

The official announcement was made on Wednesday by Dish Network, which claimed that any Kindle Fire HDX user can now access this app. The app is quite popular, as it allows users to access live TV, DVR recordings, as well as a library with a series of on-demand titles. 

Moreover, the app allows users to view program guides, as well as to manage their DVR. In fact, owners of the Kindle Fire HDX will be able to enjoy certain services, while on the go. Viewing of downloaded content is possible also when the tablet is not connected to the online media. 

“By offering Dish Anywhere to this new group of tablet owners, we continue to show that we are dedicated to the expanding mobile market by allowing our customers to watch everything, anywhere no matter what mobile device they are using,” the director of product management at Dish Network claimed in an official statement. 

The Dish Anywhere app was previously available on iOS only. Luckily for owners of the Kindle Fire HDX, they can now access this app, as well. However, it is important to mention that the app is not available on cheaper tablets by Amazon. 

Dish Anywhere can currently be accessed on the iTunes Store, as well as on the Google Play and Amazon Appstore. The app is available for instant download, free of costs, on Amazon Appstore. 

The new app may increase the popularity of the Kindle Fire HDX tablet. However, the tablet is considered to be the easiest one released until now, as it is very simple to handle. An affordable device, this tablet can be found at the price tag of $229. This is why the Kindle Fire HDX is considered to be a practical device, which can be anyone’s first tablet. 

Now, owners of Kindle Fire HDX can enjoy using a new app on their device. If you are interested in checking out the Dish Anywhere app, you may access it for free in the Amazon Appstore.

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